Shenzhen Expressway Wins the “Best Investor Relations Awards” of Listed Companies Awards 2017 by China Financial Market

The award ceremony of Listed Companies Awards 2017 by China Financial Market (referred to as “China Financial Market Awards”) was held in Hong Kong on 8 January 2018. Shenzhen Expressway won the “Best Investor Relations Awards”.

The selection was held by the famous financial magazine China Financial Market. China Financial Market Awards aims to enhance the brand influence and reputation of high quality companies and institutions in the global capital market, deepen the attention and understanding of domestic and foreign investors to the enterprises, promote the deep communication between enterprises and investors, demonstrate the value of enterprises, and raise the attention of enterprises, so as to promote the economic communication and development between China and Hong Kong, as well as the interconnection of domestic and foreign capital markets. The criteria of the “Best Investor Relations Awards” includes: 1) Excellent operating performance for the industry leader. 2) A good public image of the company and the individuals. 3) A broad international perspective, advanced management system, first-class international management personnel.


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